About Khaled..
I am Md. Khaled Musharof. I was born in Mohanganj, a city where i spend my childhood. It was situated in Netrokona Distict. I like my home town very much. I completed my school education from Mohanganj Pilot Govt.High School. It’s the most beautiful school that i’ve ever seen. The people of Mohanganj upazela always proud for this Shchol. It was established in 1931. Actually Mohanganj is a famous and well-known for its most imaging places, especially for Fish. It has many more rivers and canals. It is spectacularly beautiful place when the rainy season comes. When I was a little boy I pass my many of times by catching fish with a fishing boat. One Pretty scenery that always knocks my memory, it was wonderful!! I can’t remove it.

Mohanganj is also special just by itself. It’s a great place to visit. I am always welcome to all of visitor to give a tour to Mohanganj.