To know about me..

I am Khaled. I am so simple and positive minded. I like make people happy. I feel I can do what I want and have every possible opportunity. I feel I’m learning new things everyday, every hour. How to meet new people and how to read certain situation. I can manage everything.

I watch a lot of
Hollywood movie. Last night I watch a movie about a teacher who falls in love with her student. They have to struggle hard to be together. I think that it’s all about being allowed to love whoever you want, without your position or age having anything to do with it. You can love whoever you want without any shame. We can't live without love.

I usually trust a girl until she disappoints me. But I like older girls best. They make interesting conversations. I find it harder to communicate with young ones.

I started discovering myself. I’ve always been an introvert and never let anyone get too close or have heart-to-heart talks with me. I didn’t give myself any chances either I haven’t got many friends.
I’ve studied really hard every waking minute and life is going with hard working. Most of the time I pass my time with study, job and dreams. I can’t find anything to do without my guarded life. I know money is the first thing. If you don’t have money you can’t do anything you want.

I want to learn as many languages as possible, So that I can understand other cultures and people better. I am interested in other people and other cultures. I want to be different. I’ve always wanted to be a scientist. I’m serious! I want to do research. The dream is still there at the back of my mind and I’ve made the right education choices to meet the requirements.

I love walking at night. Every weekend I walk through silent road. It is so horrible.I like singing. I sing all the time! I like love songs. My favorite singer Richard Marx, Mark Anthony, Rabindra songs.

First I wanted to go to the
Sweden. United State is my second choice for its quality of education. I love to live in Sweden. Most of my friends still live in Sweden. I know little words in Swedish but my Swedish isn’t that good anymore. I am trying it for better conversations with Swedish friends on internet. I also love UK. I think USA or UK would suit me well and Sweden is pretty good for me. I am waiting to go in Sweden for my study.

I miss my parents and my sisters too much. My father is a good person. He loves me and makes me a lot of freedom. He is really kind. My mother loves me very much. I am always on her mind.

As a student of Political Science I love politics and I also involved in Politics. I think that every people should know about politics, his own culture and history but sometimes I disturbed when I heard some illegal things, crimes. It makes me feel sad. I don’t know what I can do but I want peace and no more crimes and killings.

Now I’m in
Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. It was six years ago I was came in Dhaka. Then I admitted into Dhaka College for my Bachelor Degree. After three months later I got a job at Bangladesh Livestock Research Institute and continue my Bachelor program with a great inspiration. Especially I thought that if you can try to work hard you can gain and I believe the hard way is the right way.

After two years later I get another job and joined a private university at International Islamic University Chittagong and near three months later I joined another
Private University.

It was a great time when I joined those private universities. I get many opportunities and ideas from teachers, staffs. Now I decided to take another graduation in Communication Technology. I think that it can help me to get a proper way to make my ambition true. I wish I can change everything for my better.